GameFAQs is a website that host frequently asked questions (FAQs) and walkthroughs for video games. It's an online archive of video games' informationcheats, hints, message boards, and save games files. Almost all of its content is contributed freely by members of the gaming community and reviewed by the site's editor before being made public. GameFAQs database covers games from the 8-bit Atari platform to modern consoles and PC. Everything is sorted by game platform and title.

GameFAQs was created as Video Game FAQ Archive on November 5, 1995 by gamer and programmer Jeff Veasey, who wanted to gather the numerous online guides and FAQs into one centralized location. As of November 2016, GameFAQs ranks 529th in Alexa's most-visited websites on the Internet.

The content of the site is complete free and does not require registration to use, but you must have an account in order to contribute or participate in the site's community features.

1. Create an account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up in the top right of the page.
  3. Choose your username, create a password.
  4. Provide your email address and date of birth.
  5. Click Register a New Account.
  6. Your account is created. But you will have to activate it. Go to your email inbox and find the email GameFAQs sent you, then click the link in the email to complete your registration. 

2. Sign in

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log In in the top right of the page, next to Sign Up.
  3. Enter your username (or email) and password.
  4. Click login.

3. Feature

A. Answers

The most basic function of the site is that it's a place where you can get all your gaming-related questions and concerns answered. Users can ask anything, whether for a solution to their problems with a level in a game, or starting tips for beginners, where to find the most powerful weapon. Questions will be answered by other users, who are more knowledgable about the game. But it is also not guarenteed that your question will get an answer, it could be because the question is not specific enough, no solution has been found or because of a mistake on the developers' end. Questions that contain spoilers can be marked and will be censored on the question lists to avoid ruining the experience for new players. 

B. Boards

GameFAQs hosts an active message board community, which has a separate discussion board for each game in the site's database, along with a variety of other popular special interest boards that can be non-gaming related such as Advice, Polictics, Religion and many more. It's a place where both novice and experienced gamers can come and discuss anything, game or non-game related.

Unlike most message boards, posts made on the GameFAQs' message boards are mostly plain text. GameFAQs does not allow images or links in the message. Avatars (or profile picture) are not used and users' signatures are limited to 2 lines of text (160 charaters). The boards also have very strict rules of using vulgar words.

C. Community

This is GameFAQs community activity feeds. Users can see what their friends are doing on the site, or browse through various categories of users such as the site's top contributors and most regular users.

D. Contribute

GameFAQs' Contributor Central is where users go to contribute their own guides, reviews, or cheats and save files for a game. Users can also help add many other content including game information and trivia. Share your own gaming experience and opinion with GameFAQs community.

E. Games

GameFAQs has an extensive library of games, covering from the Atari gaming system to the modern day consoles and PCs. Users can find out what games are popular among the community, and see GameFAQs own ranking of the highest rated games. Games can be search by their titles or the platform they operates on. Each game's page contains all information about it, including a description, genre, platforms, and user ratings. The game page also links to most popular boards, questions, news related to it, and other similar games that users may like. GameFAQs also retrieves critic reviews from other gaming websites to put them alongside users' review for even more objective opinions.

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